High Country Window And Door - Is there a way we can take these people to court. They knowingly committed a crime.

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I don't live in Co.but have a home which they did some terrible work when they installed my doors and windows.

At least I received them, not like I have read from others. I am just wondering if we can take the owners to court and make them pay either with returning our money or doing some time.

The girl I was dealing with must have know of the trouble they were in because she kept putting me off by telling me one thing or another.Not sure if anything due to not knowing anything about the law of Fraud in Co.

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High Country Window and Door Fraud Multiplies

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High Country Window and Door at 1939 East Kentucky Ave., Denver has ripped off more customers than just me.I gave them $940 as a deposit to order the door and stain it.

They have since gone out of business and no orders have been placed. Call the Denver District Attorney's office at 720-913-9179 and request an "Economic Crime Complaint Form." Do this even if your claim is less than $1,000, as they have started a file on this company.

The Secretary of State website shows they dissolved in 9/15/2003.Evergreen or Conifer customers call your County DA.

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The SOS shows them as dissolved as of 2003???they were bought by Wolff Enterprises LLC DBA High Country Window and Door.

Owners Jim Wolff (Dad) Rebecca Schwaderer (Daughter of dad) and John Schwaderer (son-in-law of dad) all lying cheating stealing mothers....go to pissed off at high country window at google and follow our Blog.....9 news wants to investigate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

High Country Window and Door has commited fraud in Denver

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This company has recently gone out of business and has left customers without money or product and I am posting here and on Yelp to provide a place for people to discuss their issues with the company.I previously had posted on Google reviews after seeing other folks in the same situation as myself, that is, they were charged for goods and services that were never delivered and no way to get their money back as this company has gone out of business.

The business entry has been removed from Google - presumably by the owners, and with it all of the reviews such as mine. I suspect this company has committed fraud against many people in the Denver area. My experience is below:

I ordered Marvin windows in early October and there were several delays to the delivery and they kept telling me that the manufacturer was delayed due to high demand and they would try to get them in a soon as they could. We followed up numerous times in November December and January.

On Saturday Feb 5th we have just received a letter stating they are going out of business and to contact the distributor, with no other information. So I called Marvin and they referred me to the distributer BMD (BMDUSA.com) I spoke with Kathy she was helpful however she told me HIGH COUNRTY NEVER ORDERED the windows. Since October they have been LYING and telling me it was on back order when in fact the order was never placed with Marvin.

I have contacted 9News here in town as well as the police department (who were unhelpful), we have submitted a consumer complaint to the State Attorney General and have disputed the charge with our credit card company.We will be contacting the State Attorney General next.

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anyone heard anything about these Rats who stole money?


to "8 months later"...this is Melissa and for your information I did not know this was going to happen. So before you jump to conclusions know this...I had worked for them & trusted them for 3 and a half years. When I got a call on February 1st, WITH NO WARNING, that the company was closing the doors, I was 6 months pregnant; I lost my health insurance, did not receive my last TWO paychecks, and in the blink of an eye lost just under half my families monthly income. We live paycheck to payckeck, I have a 4 year old son, a mortgage and a life I am sure not that unlike your own.

So, yeah, I got screwed too. And no matter what the circumstances I blindly had faith that what I was being told about the company's well being was the truth, because I trusted the people that I worked for.

Clearly I was wrong.

Luckily I was able to secure a part time job working for a wonderful company that I worked for years ago...with people that I still love & trust and that were willing to hire me even being this pregnant. Now we are just struggling to make ends meet, love the little boy we already have, get ready for a new little life & move on.

I am mortified by what has transpired and I am sorry if you, too, were affected.

By the way, "Pissed Wife" is one of my dearest friends.


I know she worked there .... I'm just wondering what her role was other than BS artist, blaming manufacturers and explaining all the many delays. There's no way she wasn't aware of what was happening.


She worked for High Country Window and door


Who is Melissa Rackliff...?


To just wondering....the company was a great company before these BAFOONS bought it. I think they spend $ like it is going out-of-style and OOOPS we owe DADDY 900,000 for buying us the company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a group of awful people.


Whatever LITTLE KNOWN LOGIC who cares about grammer when you have a single mother out there that you ROBBED and STOLE $15,000 K from while her children are cold.What kind of people are You???????????

And how do you sleep at night??????????? And why can't you just come forward and say "Hey we made BIG MISTAKES and this is what we will do to try to make things right" Why do yo have to hind behind the computer instead of coming forward and admitting the bad behavior that you committed. Why??????????? Why do you proceed to make this OUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!

NOT.We are the victims.


To Just wondering....My husband started with High Country Window & Door as a sub-contractor in Aug 2009.

In Dec. 2009 they asked him to come on full-time as of Jan. 2010. He did and received a company truck as well as a Blackberry to communicate with all others.

First check on January 7th 2010 taxes taken out. Then nothing until May, again taxes taken out. Only five paychecks were taxes taken out of. We did make comments and told Rebecca that we were getting CASHIERS CHECKS as pay checks with no pay stub/ or a hand wrtitten check by Rebecca Scwaderer that had a pay stub that said "100.00" Who estimates taxes?????

You can get Quick Books and do it yourself. But all this time they claimed they had a "PAYROLL Person" at Wells Fargo. Then they tell us they are going to 1099 and W2 my husband for the 2010. ILLEGAL if you work for the same company.

Everything about this company is a SHAM. They are lying, cheating, theiving people and deserve to go to jail. Whether they are here or not they will get their retribution somewhere. Not only did they screw us on our taxes, when we filed unemployment, they only show 4,300.00 for my husbands taxes so he gets $51.00 for a two week period when his final paystub for 2010 showed his gross income as 38,000.00.

How is that for screwed.If we ever wanted to re-fi, or anything we can't do it for another 2years?????


Happened to come across this blog.Curious, was this a flight by night company that pulled up in neighbors and went door to door or did they have store fronts?

How long were they in business? Did you guys check them out? Employees that didn't have taxes taken out of paychecks? I would have asked immediately for fear of owing the IRS at the end of the year.

Sorry for you folks, sounds like you've been through ***...I'm really curious about the pissed off wife, how long did you husband work for them? Did he actually work the whole year of 2010? Surely he must have been miserable. Of course, better to have a bad job than no job at all.

Well, I'm sure these gypsies have since left Denver. I'll keep watching for the end result.

Surely, all these people will rot in jail for there bad business practices.Just Wondering.


FACTS for Little Logic-

FACT-I paid for windows I didn't receive.

FACT: I received a letter from HC TELLING me my order was placed with Anderson.

FACT: They LIED--The order never placed.

FACT-I am 15,000 poorer.

FACT-I still have a house with crappy windows.

So--At best they are LIARS and crappy businesspeople who'd rather leave people in debt than take responsibility for being *** poor business people....


They are crooks

Either way---not seeing the kind, gentle goodness in these people.

So next time we have -30 degree weather---or even 10 degree weather--why don't you call my kids and tell them their house is cold because some very sweet people took their window money.


After seeing your grammar and abstract thinking process, I have no need to respond to you, pissy wife.

Would Like Answers, I get where you're coming from.

Like I said, there are two sides to every story. Collecting facts is worthwhile. Try to start a cat fight hiding behind a computer is not. Pissy wife, good luck to you.

And grammar books can be found at any library. They have those where you live.


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh little logic.........nothing to say about your devout company members/family members/cousins/whatever......

who knew????????????US


to alittle logic, if you were never an employee or a customer who got screwed you would never know how it feels to be in our shoes so stop writing because we don't care.Our fight is something different.

if Wells Fargo did thier payroll than why????????? did my husband have taxes taken out only 4 times in 2010?????? Riddle me this riddle me that probably because they haven't been paying payroll taxes!!!!!!!!! Then they tell me they are going to W2 and 1099 my husband for one year 2010.

what do we get in the mail......

a W2 showing he made 4,300.00 for 2010 in which he worked the whole year but ahaha we got a W2 for the four paychecks they actually took taxes out of...FRAUDLANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!so stay out of it little KNOWN LOGIC You KNOW NOTHING


All of our facts and the paperwork that we have compiled to file with the District attorney's office shows evidence that the business in question was lying for months to it's customers.Example: date of invoice when the order was placed with High Country, date the 50% deposit check was cashed by High Country and a fax from the window manufactuer of when the order (which High Country placed incorrectly, wrong dimensions and such) was actually placed and never put into production because High Country had not given the window manufacturer any money.

None of these dates correspond with the information High Country had been giving us. We received no letter saying the were going out of business, none of our phone calls were returned even prior to them closing their doors. All of these facts lead to the fact that we will be taking legal action.

We would appreciate any information that would explain to us how this happened because our facts show us that we were taken for a lot of money.And more important then money the time wasted for a project that has been stalled due to no windows impacting a family, a contractor, subs, neighbors and on and on.


First of all, I have never been an employee of High Country, nor am I affiliated with the company in any way. I am not "one of them." However, in EVERY situation, there are two sides to the story, and this is no exception. You are both a little bit wrong. And sadly, you seem so concerned with vengeance that you've neglected to actually learn any facts or back up any of your claims, as another person posted earlier.

You've jumped to a judgment that has numerous inaccuracies. For instance, Wells Fargo DID handle their payroll.

I'm not trying to fuel your fire, pissy wife. I'm here to encourage everyone here to learn more about the situation before you get out your pitchforks. High Country was run by kind, ethical, hard-working people, and although the way things ended left a lot of people pissed, as I'm sure I would have been too had I been left in the lurch, there's more to this story than you're telling here, or than you know.

Though it IS interesting to me that the person who seems to be leading this pack isn't a former customer, or even a former employee, but rather, the *wife* of a former employee....


We hired HCWD in April and it wasnt until Mid-December that our job was complete.There were numerous delays and mistakes throughout our dealing with them but I feel fortunate after hearing these other customers getting ripped off entirely.

Though I would never refer anyone to them, I had no idea their problems ran this deep. I attributed our experience to their 'small company' being overwhelmed with projects combined with the additional incentive of the $1500 tax rebate (which was part of their pitch to begim with).

I suspect now that our 'delays' were likely orders never actually placed and the mistakes not unique to us or simply 'bad luck'.I will continue to follow this story and see if my experience may ever help with those who were defrauded.


to a little logic goes a long way......guess what you have no logic!!!!!!!!!You want us to figure it out!!!We did!~!

You stole $ from people who pd SEPT. You knew you were going out of business by July I knew it. BEC you ridiculous business person who acts like a business person, I KNOW you did not have a payroll person from Wells Fargo, Because if she was *** to NOT take out taxes of every paycheck, why does she have a job?????????????? I don't believe you any way.

You people have done nothing but lied about everything. Who do you think you are payroll person from WELLS FARGO is an *** or ficticious. Bec do you konw what ficticious means?????? FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you can say we meet at a pancake house but it's better than you trying to pay off your employees with equipment and computeres to shut them up.FINE the rest of us will stand and you will either go to jail or pay us, YOU ARE nothing more than THEIVES


To- a little logic- You are obviously one of the thieves, or their family, and I ask, why do businesses such as yours ask for a deposit?Honest businesses ask for a deposit in case the customer is unable to pay after the work is completed, that way the businesses out of pocket costs are covered.

The cost of the materials mainly. But you didnt buy the materials, did you? So where is the money? Paid to yourselves most likely.

P.S. Most businesses dont go out of business overnight, so if your business was in trouble why did you continue to take deposits, yet not order the products you sold.

In addition you continually lied that products had been ordered, and blamed your suppliers for something they had not done.LYING THIEFS, that is all you are.


Yes, a little logic does go a long way, and when many people are telling the same story it is usually true.These people are thiefs, they took money and did not even order the products people were purchasing from them.

Where did the money go?

TO PAY THEMSELVES, thats where.Nothing but common thieves, hiding behind a business.


Have ANY of you people ever heard of a company going out of business before? One person says they were required to use a shoddy work truck, another talks about checks bouncing often, and you all seem to think that the money you gave in deposits has been pocketed by the owners? A little logic goes a long way, people.

I know it's exciting to incite a crowd and get them to follow you to a pancake house in Evergreen, but you're really making morons of yourselves.

Take a few minutes to put together the pieces of the puzzle that are being laid out yourselves here. These people didn't ***. You may be out your deposit money, but it certainly wasn't because someone pocketed your money and went to Cabo.

Stop acting like children with all this name-calling. Talk about some FACTS.


Have ANY of you people ever heard of a company going out of business before? One person says they were required to use a shoddy work truck, another talks about checks bouncing often, and you all seem to think that the money you gave in deposits has been pocketed by the owners? A little logic goes a long way, people.

I know it's exciting to incite a crowd and get them to follow you to a pancake house in Evergreen, but you're really making morons of yourselves.

Take a few minutes to put together the pieces of the puzzle that are being laid out yourselves here. These people didn't ***. You may be out your deposit money, but it certainly wasn't because someone pocketed your money and went to Cabo.

Stop acting like children with all this name-calling. Talk about some FACTS.


Do you still want to meet tomorrow at 10:00 AM at the Lakeshore Cafe at the Lake in Evergreen???? I still thinkit is a good idea since this is not over and to discuss steps to be taken towards a law suit.


to your claims BAMMMMM take that from 9 news!!!!!!!!!


We too ordered in November, paid deposit, got the letter saying that $1500 would be credited because they couldn't get in time for tax credit. Got the the "going out of business". Contacted BMI- they had not ordered!!!


Great job Nadia and 9 news


Hello everyone.Thanks for reaching out to me.

We are going with the story tonight.

Be sure to watch at 9pm & 10pm.Please keep me posted on any developments.


Nadia, Can you meet with us in Evergreen on Saturday morning. I'm sure you are not shceduled but it may help your story if all of us are together to give you our own individual stories and problems with High Country.


I hope you all can back up your claims, this is borderline libel, might want to speak to an attorney before you go post things on a public site. You may want to read the Terms of Service for this site: You will NOT post on PC any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, offensive, threatening, ...........


Yes, I too apparently have been misled as well. Tried to find out final details on installation scheduled in early March and all emails addresses are non-existent; thus failed deliveries. Thought that was weird but then discovered website has been disabled as well.

That is when my search discovered these website complaining about High Country Window and possibility of fraud.

I too put out 50% of up front cost back in September 2010.


Sorry, sent too soon, lakeshore cafe at the lake in Evergreen at 10:am Saturday 02-19-11....All of you let's meet. Group in NUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pissed off wife and others, just say when and where.


Just spoke with Nadia from 9 news. We need to get together and give her some ammo to go after the lying thieves that that are. Help the cause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anybody out there??????????We need to get together as a group and discuss our issues.

We have had our lawyer on this since jan.

13th.If a class action law suit is filed, we can all make a claim and even if we don't get monies owed we can see that these crimnals go to jail.


Hello everyone~ I'm sorry to hear about this.It seems the list of victims is growing.

Is anyone available to do an on camera interview with us?Please call me at 303-871-1491


I just tried to contact Nadia at 9 news, and so all of you know her shift is 2pm - 11pm. I will try back later this afternoon.


Same experience for us.Ordered door in October, paid 50% deposit on total of door + installation.

Told it would be 4-6 weeks. Called for update in December and told they were behind on shipping. Lied to by Rebecca in January and I told her I felt like I was being lied to and my concern was no product would be provided. She assured me this wasn't the case, the door was arriving and to be installed in March.

That conversation was on Jan 11. I found out from Lumber Products that it wasn't even ordered until Jan 14! My money is gone. I contacted Channel 7 investigates and haven't heard back yet.

I will contact Channel 9 since some of you have. District attorney can't help based on my phone call with them.

I am in process of filing small claims court application against them.They are horrible people and apparently Rebecca wasn't taught morals by her daddy.


Jim Wolff, Rebecca Schwaderer, and John Schwaderer are liers and thieves. I worked for them as well and witnessed things that only low life people as themselves do. I hope to see justice in this matter.


I will call 9 news tomorrow


9News is very interested in this matter and asked me to suggest to all of you screwed over by high country to contact nadia at the news desk to share your situation to assist them with their fact checking/story verification.she will instruct you on what is needed to move forward.

303.871.1491 or news tip line and ask for her 303.871.9999.please reach out to her asap.


Thank you SOE, very helpful and I sincerely hope you get what's owed to you.Hopefully ripped off finds this helpful too.

Also curious if he/ she made it to the firesale today.Let us know ripped off.


To anohter victim and all others out there, I have no problem revealing the identities of the snakes that stole from people and used fraudlant activity throughout their entire time as OWNERS of Wolff Enterprises LLC DBA High Country Window&Door.Jim Wolff owner-dad of Rebecca Schwaderer(owner as well)Husband John Schwaderer(Rebecca's husband and owner).

This is whom you should go after. My husband worked for them for a year and a half and had nothing but horrible times.

Bounced checks, horrible work truck, expected to collect checks when jobs not complete and then being written up because he did not collect a check.And I could go on but won't right now.


hey screwed over employee, sorry for your unfortunate situation as a result of all this.do us all a favor and share the owner's name as it is unclear from anything on the web who is responsible.

i assume that the two guys who took our measurements shane and john s were also employees who got screwed. is the person in charge john rogers? please come forward and help our cause.

reply to this post if u can help and ill share my contact info with you.this is wrong and they will not get away with it.


same happened to us.came to our house in mid Jan, collected a deposit (cashed same day) and we were scheduled for install in March or April because they were so busy.

then the letter came this week stating they were closing doors with same vague info about contacting the distributor.

took us for 6k+.This is not over...


I ordered windows in September, and I anticipated installation in "6-8 weeks" but then in November I was told that it would be January, which meant I would lose out on the tax credit.I should have cancelled and disputed the credit card order then, but they told me that they would discount the installation by $500, and I thought this was a reputable company.

The letter that they sent was extremely vague, and I've tried calling every number I have, with no return calls.

My review on Google is also missing, but I just checked there, and someone posted that they would be having a GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12.I plan to go to see if I can find out anything else.


I worked for High Country Window and Door and got no notice of the closing, got screwed out of two paychecks and a bunch of health insurance premium money. I am filing a complaint with the labor board and will seek restitution for the monies stolen. Living paycheck to paycheck is hard enough without being decieved by people you thought you could trust.

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